Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

March 26, 2004

I needed to hit the ales after Delhi, I needed a heavy injection of pop, grog and craic. My stepbrothers Simon and Rowley duly delivered, infact they overdelivered, I walked into Hong Kong sober as a judge and was almost carried out a few days later in a coffin. It was 5 days of ales, banter and a hatful of laughs, just what I needed.

It was great to see them again, on great form as always, Alastair joined us on the day 2. Honk Kong hadn’t changed much since my last visit 9 years ago, although I seem to remember most of that was also spent in an alcohol frenzy mainly in Joe Bananas bar with my brothers and my Dad who, after a hatful of pop, befriended most of the local Rugby community including a new player, a perplexed 19 year old called Jonah Lomu.

Once again I did virtually no sightseeing, apart from buying a fake Rolex from some muppet downtown, most of the time was spent in the South Stand of Hong Kong Stadium cheering on the English team and getting up to a various drinking, banter and Shenanigans. The Hong Kong Sevens is the best sporting event in the world, seriously hand on heart, a 3 day carnival of great sport and laughter, the crowd was just electric, it was more Glastonbury than a sporting event. Most people dressed up in fancy dress, I didn’t have any so I went in my new embroided Red flared trousers from India which seemed to do the trick. On the last day of the tournament(3 days in total) I hooked up with 2 old school pals, Anthony and Kevin Bowers, we had a wicked laugh, gave the frogs at the back of the South Stand a right shooing.(all in good taste of course). For the final night Simon amazingly sorted us all our tickets for the players diner on the alst night which was again a briliant laugh, sitting next to the French table Simon quickly made his presence known to their manager by knocking a tray of 8 pints all over his swish new suit, he took it remarkably well considering. Jonah Lomu was their and looked about twice as large as he did nine years ago when my Dad bear hugged him in Joe Bananas.

Overall a fantastic 5 days, many thanks to Simon and Rowley for all the brilliant hospitality (and the first night’s in the corridor outside Simon’s flat!!) I owe you.

Other; Heard so great news that a good pal Nicky Jenvey is engaged, amazing, hopefully I’ll see before she leaves London, will anyone be left when I return?