Onguma Plains Camp

January 5, 2008


We have met numerous people along the way who have simply raved about Onguma Safari Camps. The spectacular entrance on arrival does not disappoint, as we drove up the entrance to the fort we were met by the view of these massive raw walls, stunning stoned clad features and a huge tower with the best views over Etosha and its sourrounding pans. It is simply like no other place I have ever seen. As Rod put it ‘if you bought your lady here and didn’t get any action you’d be worried !”

As you walk around in the inside of the main fort, the space and design simply defy belief. The fort is also positioned to give guests unrivalled views of a watering hole, today there are a few jackals and springboks hovering around. Jaco, the fort manager, explained that the site opened in August 07 at a a cost 14 million rand (about 1.4 million £) by some local hi roller, and its largely grown through word of mouth although on the night we stayed it was barely half full, strange. We each had our own fort, literally, the luxury inside was undescribeable. We had a fantastic evening meal overlooking the panoramic views of Orguma laughing to ourselves at the amazing good fortune of staying in a place like this. If you are visiting Namibia this is an absolute must see.  


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