Camps Bay, Capetown

December 21, 2007

camps-bay.jpg Camps Bay, Capetown

Arrived in Capetown via Johberg mid afternoon on the Nationwide Airlines flight. Rod left his hand luggage at the counter in the most thief ridden airport in the world realising just as we walked through customers to getonto the connecting flight to Capetown, he turned and ran like Forrest Gump somehow finding the bag where he’d left it, first major disaster narrowly averted.

Capetown and Camps bay Ocean Apartments, where we are staying is absolutely stunning. It is located about 10 mins walk from the beautiful white sandy beach under the shadow of table mountain. Everyone seems friendly, easy going and very affable but looking at the security of the magnificent beach properties, you get a sense of paranoi about crime. There are loads of poseurs walking up and down the beach which is very amusing to watch as they strut their stuff , reminds me alot of Cocabana in RIO. Looks like we’re going to have a really amazing time here. Totally exhausted. Good night.


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