My top YouTube Music Videos

November 30, 2007

I love rock’nroll, its true. My brothers turned me onto The Clash, The Jam, ACDC, U2, Rolling Stones and loads more right from age 14 and I was hooked. Hence, I’m pretty handy on air guitar, it comes in handy at weddings when I unleash my Eddie Van Halen last Summer down in South of France (sorry Pat and Lawrence..tell your parents I can act mature).  Music empowers me with incredible memories, alot of these coming when I recently played aoround on You Tube. So here we go- my  favourite Top YouTube Music Videos in no particular order;

Rollling Stones- 1976- Earls Court Star Star (Starfucker)
Ronnie Wood just joined, at their raw and rocking best

Led Zepplin- 1975- EarlCourt- That’s the Way
A stunning, beautiful song, wonderful guitar from John Paul Jones

U2- 1982 weckter
I had a recording of this concert for years until somone recoded over it, it was an old BBC recording. I remember my brother showing me this when I was 14 and I couldn’t believe it what a perfomer Bono was, the whole show was fantastic, completel raw and energy. Edges’ guitar playing is fantastic. I just thought he was extraordinary climbing the scafolding. Brilliant

ACDC- Glasgow 1978
Possibly the greatest opening the a show I have ever come across on YouTube, the rhythm section was incredible and you just thought the building might explode.
RIP Bon Scott

Queen- Live 1985
Thankfully I was there, the greatest 20 minutes of rock n roll ever?

The Clash- Whiteman in Hammersmith Palais, somewhere in the late 70’s
They oozed soul and attitude

Eurthymics Live 1986
Looks really 80’s now but I loved her voice, I thought they wrote brilliant, reminds me of being hols in Portugal

Coldplay 2003 playing Clocks
One of my favourit live tracks, they actucally played it better live

Radiohead- Nice Dream Spain 1997
Fantastic live band and I loved this song

The Cure-Inbetween Days
Reminds me of Glastonbury 1990 being at the front, it felt like a riot

Got a choice? Let me know 


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