Yoga in Pushkar

March 11, 2004

I’m on the last day of an intensive 3 day yoga course in Pushkar, 4 hours a day doing moves (or Asanas as they say in the trade) and 1 hour study, its wicked fun but tiring, the tutor or Yogi as he likes to be known is excellent and good laugh with it. I was hoping he might be one of those old fellas with a long beard and strange barnet but he’s short and fat but he’s done the business so far. Today he miraculously cured my blocked sinuses which have been blocked for years, it was easy and logical but the difference is incredible; just by bending your posture forward and tilting the head to the side he instructed me to pour warm water mixed with salt down one nostril and all the mucus and congestion came flooding out the other nostril, like loads of it! I think half my brain dribbled out onto the floor, its was like colonical irrigation of the nose, I was sooo shocked I laughed my tits off and was almost sick, but its completely clear now so I’m feeling tops.

Pushkar is a beautiful small town of narrow streets filled with shops, food stalls, temples and an assortment of lowrollering spongers. Located in the centre of Rajasthan its supposedly an important pilgrimmage centre for devout Hindus although I’ve not seen many but then again I don’t hang out in temples, the town attracts huge amounts of tourists mainly young Israeli’s pretending to be seasoned travellers. Many stay here for ages because its really chilled out and theres a huge lake in the centre of town to watch the sun set. the streets are lined with a variety of dodgy street stores selling mainly tiedie garbage and raver gear, I feel like informing them that Jerry Garcia died 10 years ago. In between the morning and evening Yoga I’m reading focivorously, at the moment its Gabriel Garcia Marquez who is just addictive an amazing. Heading onto Udairpor tomorrow. Really happy and loving it and feel really fit

Had great calls with Rod and Dad last night for his Birthday, thinking of all my friends at home


One Response to “Yoga in Pushkar”

  1. lucy Says:

    hi, sorry i just wondered if you can remember the name of the place in pushkar you did the intensive yoga retreat? thanks,

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